Part of the Trilogy: Genie Wishes

Genie Wishes E1

Genie Wishes E2

Genie Wishes E3

PGX heaven Heaven Series

Genie Wishes E1


Alone one evening, Donnie (Donnie Rock) discovers a new app on his smart phone and gives it a try. Boom! Out pops an honest-to-goodness genie who promises to grant Donnie three wishes. Donnie’s dating scene has been in dry dock lately so he uses his first wish to “bang a hot blond chick”. And, just like that, a hot blond chick (Zoey Monroe) appears before him. She promptly pleasures his cock with her mouth as Donnie tongues her pussy. Zoey jumps on top and fucks her wish-maker. Donnie tastes her slit once again and penetrates her pussy with his thick cock until he shoots his creamy cum on her belly.


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