Part of the Trilogy: Genie Wishes

Genie Wishes E1

Genie Wishes E2

Genie Wishes E3

PGX heaven Heaven Series

Genie Wishes E2


Knowing his first wish came true, Donnie is convinced he has a genuine genie. At work and sitting at his desk, he summons his genie and makes his second wish. “I’ve been thinking about pussy!” Wham! Before him and between his legs kneels a beautiful, sexy blond (Vanessa Sierra), more-than-ready to make his dreams come true. She grabs hold and wraps her lips around his cock. Wanting more, Vanessa sits on his dick and bounces up and down on his shaft. Donnie takes over and fucks his sexy guest on his desk until he cums and coats her pussy with his sperm.


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