Part of the Trilogy: Let Me Watch Vol 2

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PGX heaven Heaven Series

Let Me Watch Vol 2 E2


Gianna (Gianna Dior) and Lacy (Lacy Lennon) want to do it all again! This time, its Gianna’s turn to put on a show for Lacy, so the adventurous duo heads to Gianna’s boyfriend’s (Seth Gamble) workplace to make his day! Wearing almost nothing, Gianna seduces Seth while Lacy settles in to watch the show. Lacy plays with herself while Gianna and Seth suck and fuck all over his desk. When Seth can’t hold back any longer, he splashes Gianna’s face with a healthy dose of jizz. She savors the taste and texture of her boyfriend’s cum and then shares his man-goo with her sexy bff, Lacy. Delicious!


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