Part of the Trilogy: A Blonde Gone Wild

A Blonde Gone Wild E1

A Blonde Gone Wild E2

A Blonde Gone Wild E3

PGX heaven Heaven Series

A Blonde Gone Wild E1


Misha (Misha Mynx), looking to get over a recent break-up, tells her best friend, Vanessa (Vanessa Sierra), she needs something to take her mind off of her ex-boyfriend. Vanessa knows just what to do. She invites Misha to join her and her boyfriend, Adam (Adam Stone), for an afternoon of fun. Misha and Vanessa get things started as Adam looks on but he’s soon compelled to join in. The two sexy blonds passionately kiss, lick and suck Adam’s generous cock. As Vanessa straddles Adam’s face, Misha climbs aboard and rides his manhood. They share their bodies and pleasure each other until Adam orgasms and cums all over their faces.


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