Part of the Trilogy: Fantasy Couple

Fantasy Couple E1

Fantasy Couple E2

Fantasy Couple E3

PGX heaven Heaven Series

Fantasy Couple E3


It’s time to fulfill April’s (April Snow) fantasy. Donnie (Donnie Rock) and April are swapping spit on the sofa when in walks Donnie’s best friend, Charles (Charles Dera). April is aware of Charles’ reputation; he likes it a bit rough. April’s more than ready. She drops to her knees and goes to work on their cocks. April’s determined to be a serious slut. She pushes her mouth onto their cocks until she gags. Before long, April has her mouth filled with her husband’s cock and her pussy stretched by Charles rock-hard shaft. She likes feeling used; having her hair pulled and her tits slapped. Charles fucks April hard as her head bobs up and down on Donnie’s cock. She straddles her husband as he sits on the sofa and works Charles cock with her mouth. Charles slaps her face with his dick as she bounces up-and-down on Donnie’s cock. Donnie and Charles trade places. April lay on the sofa, waiting for her husband’s load, as Charles fucks her swollen cunt. Donnie shoots his sperm onto his wife’s face. He enjoys watching Charles fuck his wife with her face covered in cum. Charles’s cock soon spews thick cum all over April’s swollen clit. Her fantasy has come true. She’s covered in cum and loves it.


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