Part of the Trilogy: Fantasy Couple

Fantasy Couple E1

Fantasy Couple E2

Fantasy Couple E3

PGX heaven Heaven Series

Fantasy Couple E2


April (April Snow) wastes no time and arranges for Donnie’s (Donnie Rock) fantasy to come true. Her best friend, Nadya (Nadya Nabakova) is eager to help. While they wait for Donnie to come home from work, they decide to bathe together. The two beauties can’t resist each other and soon begin kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. Donnie comes home and discovers April and Nadya in the tub. The two sexy beauties go right for his crotch and immediately take turns licking and sucking his cock. Nadya and Donnie put on a bit of a show for April. As he takes Nadya from behind, April plays with herself as she watches. Then, it is April’s turn. She climbs on her husband’s cock while Nadya plays with April’s clit. April climaxes hard and once again watches her husband fuck her best friend. When Donnie climaxes, he shoots his load all over his two lover’s faces. Later, April gives Donnie a card containing her fantasy. Her wish is to have a threesome with her husband’s best friend, Charles (Charles Dera). And the adventure continues…


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