Part of the Trilogy: My Fiancée’s Wishes Vol 1

PGX heaven Heaven Series

My Fiancée’s Wishes Vol 1 E1


Laney (Laney Grey) and Codey (Codey Steele) are set to be married next month. Codey has been intimate with his past girlfriends but Laney has only been with Codey, her first and only “serious” boyfriend. As their wedding day approaches, Laney has an “innocent” wish to ask of Codey. She would like to “see another man’s thing” before they get married so that her curiosity doesn’t turn to regret. Codey thinks her request is unusual but harmless so he agrees and arranges for his buddy (Stirling Cooper) to come over in order to satisfy Laney’s curiosity. “Seeing” turns into a bit more as Laney’s curiosity grows… right along with Stirling’s cock.


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