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The Therapist Vol 1 E1

The Therapist Vol 1 E2

The Therapist Vol 1 E3

The Therapist Vol 1


Autumn (Autumn Falls) confides in her best friend and therapist, Lena (Lena Paul) about her inability to loosen-up when having sex with her husband, Donnie (Donnie Rock). Lena believes that she simply needs to become comfortable with her own sexuality and agrees to help. During their first session, Lena can’t help but become aroused by the sight of Autumn and successfully seduces her. Autumn loved her first lesbian sex and asks Lena for a second session where the two lesbian lovers satisfy each other orally. Lena suggests that Autumn bring her husband to join them for their third session. Donnie hesitantly agrees but is soon happy that he decided to join his wife and meet with the therapist.


A Blonde Gone Wild E1

A Blonde Gone Wild E2

A Blonde Gone Wild E3

A Blonde Gone Wild


Misha (Misha Mynx), looking to get over a recent break-up, tells her best friend, Vanessa (Vanessa Sierra), she needs something to take her mind off of her ex-boyfriend. Vanessa knows just what to do. She invites Misha to join her and her boyfriend, Adam (Adam Stone), for an afternoon of fun. They share their bodies and pleasure each other until Adam cums and paints his masterpiece on their faces. Vanessa recognizes that Misha needs further distraction. With Vanessa’s permission, Misha invites Adam to her apartment. Atop a chair, the steamy lovers fuck each other in delicious positions until Adam covers her ass with streams of thick, creamy cum. The next day, Misha tells Vanessa all the salacious details of her time with Adam and although Misha and Vanessa aren’t actually lesbians per se, they are drawn to each other. They share kisses as their hands explore their bodies. Misha and Vanessa share a sensual afternoon discovering each other in new ways. An afternoon of licking, kissing and stimulating clits culminates in multiple orgasms for the two luscious and sexy blondes


Home Invasion E1

Home Invasion E2

Home Invasion E3

Home Invasion


A paroled ex-con (Charles Dera) interrupts a typical afternoon of a bored husband (Donnie Rock) and sex-starved wife (Bella Jane). Charles, intent on satisfying his pent-up desires, subdues and restrains Donnie and begins his physical and psychological conquest of the pair. Donnie has no choice but to watch as his wife sucks and fucks her captor and becomes strangely attracted to him. In a display of control, Charles and Bella proceed to use Donnie as a sex toy to satisfy their twisted desires.


My StepMom Is A Slut


A hot blond step-mom (Vanessa Sierra) gets horny and can’t get enough taboo sex with her son and his friends. Reluctant at first, step-mom slowly turns into a raging sex maniac until she’s sucking and fucking her son and his friends. She’s aching to taste cum and the three boys are only-too-happy to oblige.